Business & Corporate Law

The Firm has handled virtually every type of business issue in the private sector. We incorporate and organize new businesses, assist ongoing businesses with every type of business issue, and counsel our clients through the purchase or sale of businesses.

We perform corporate and business services in the following areas, among many others:

  • Creation or formation of corporations, limited liability companies, and other business arrangements
  • Shareholder, voting trust, and other ownership agreements
  • Agendas and minutes of annual and special company meetings
  • Employment agreements
  • Noncompete and non-disclosure agreements
  • Business contracts (service agreements and sale agreements)
  • Construction Agreements
  • Counsel regarding business ownership and management disputes
  • Counsel regarding disputes with other companies
  • Negotiation and litigation regarding any business matter

Public & Privately-Held Companies

Our clients have included public companies, major privately-held companies, international businesses with U.S. or Florida affiliates or subsidiaries, and, of course, local businesses and individuals.  Broward County business lawyer E. Scott Golden was for many years the general counsel for a publicly-held, multi-state transportation and fuel company, and he was the principal counsel in the creation of a publicly-held bank holding company in conjunction with the SEC, the FDIC, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, and The Florida Division of Banking and Finance.  The Firm maintains contacts at numerous financial institutions in order to work with our clients to meet their financial needs.


Although we are always pleased to assist established businesses to meet their corporate and business needs, we also enjoy incorporating, organizing, or establishing new corporations, limited liability companies, joint venture arrangements, and other business entities.  Small business success is the engine that builds our economy, so we are always pleased to work with new businesses as they begin their journey.

Regulatory Compliance

To ensure that our clients meet corporate and state requirements regarding annual meetings of shareholders and directors (for corporations) and members and managers (for limited liability companies), the Firm pioneered many years ago an annual review service for our clients.  As part of this service, the Firm annually files, or confirms the annual filing of, the report required with the Secretary of State; prepares the required minutes for the companies’ annual meetings; and assists its clients with preparing and passing any resolutions required to continue their businesses legally and properly.

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