Probate & Estate Administration

The Firm has more than 35 years of probate and estate administration experience.  We probate wills, assist representatives to amass the assets of the estate, assist with the distribution of the assets as required by the law and pursuant to the orders of the probate court, and close the estates only after being certain that all estate assets and issues have been resolved.  We have administered estates of more than $30 million, estates with bank accounts or real estate and in other states or countries, and small estates that require only the transfer of a few assets.  We handle all aspects of probate litigation from disputes about the capacity of the testator to the claims of creditors or disputes between beneficiaries.

Personal Representatives

We are particularly interested in ensuring that the personal representatives (or executors) of estates understand the requirements of the position; the procedures involved in estate administration; and the ways in which we can help them to complete those procedures properly, legally, and efficiently.  Our clients understand what is required and how we assist them to accomplish it.

Transfer of Title

We also assist our clients in the title requirements for real estate that is jointly held.  When property is owned by a married couple, and one member of the couple dies, the requisite documents must be recorded in the Public Records to clarify that title is properly and irrevocably held by the remaining spouse.  We regularly assist the surviving spouse with resolving these title issues.


We also handle all aspects of guardianship matters.  We assist our clients to file for involuntary or voluntary guardianships, attend any necessary court hearings with our clients, and assist our clients with working their way through all of the guardianship requirements.  For those circumstances in which a parent cares for either a minor or adult child with minimal assets, we are familiar with the procedures to petition the judge to waive the requirement of an annual accounting, which saves the guardian several hundred dollars each year.  Even in those circumstances, we continue to work with the guardian to file the annual report and plan, which informs the court of the ward’s continuing condition and cannot be waived.

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