Church & Charitable Law

The Firm has been privileged to represent a great number of churches, synagogues, and community charities in various endeavors. The Firm’s representation includes organizing the church or charity, applying for tax exemption recognition with the IRS (when required), assisting church leaders with understanding their role in the business or corporate aspects of the church or charity, assisting churches with complying with their organizational requirements, and obtaining real estate tax exemptions for the church or charity’s facilities.

Real Estate Transactions & Land Use & Zoning

We regularly represent churches in the acquisition or sale of real estate, obtaining site plan approval for church development, and seeking variances or special exceptions in order to obtain approvals for church use or expansion.  We are experienced in traversing the governmental maze required to seek such developmental approval.

Employment & Insurance Disputes

Unfortunately, churches and other charities also occasionally have employment and insurance disputes.  We advise church and denominational leaders, as well as charity officers, regarding the legal aspects of such disputes, the rights of the churches or charities, and the effect of insurance, when applicable.  We have represented temple brotherhoods and sisterhoods, as well as various church officials, in the resolution of disputes.

Regulatory Compliance

We also assist churches and educational charities with documentation regarding children.  Church schools and day cares have a certain degree of autonomy from the State, but must still comply with fire safety and related requirements.  Churches and schools that take their students or youth on field trips or ministry trips often need acknowledgments and liability waivers from parents and guardians.

Government Relations

We have also been pleased to work with churches and governmental organizations (such as local municipal governments or the School Board) to arrange mutually-beneficial arrangements.  For instance, we have coordinated and documented cross-parking arrangements that allow religious institutions and governmental organizations to use each other’s parking lots to meet unusually high parking demand (such as football games at public schools or holiday parking at churches or synagogues).

Construction Issues

Churches also have have construction law issues related to their facilities.  Our experience is that construction issues are not within the expertise of most ministers.  Churches and charitable organizations that retain us to assist them with construction needs have a much better understanding of the law and the responsibilities of all the relevant parties.  They are more likely to be able to solve both financing and construction issues (including lien issues) that inevitably arise during construction.

In addition to assisting churches with acquiring property, we also review the title to the property, issue title insurance, and assist the churches with finding appropriate financing.  We maintain relationships with numerous financial institutions, and we are also familiar with financial brokers that specialize in churches.  In addition, we have participated in bond arrangements, which churches have historically used to raise construction funds.

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