Real Estate

The Firm engages in every aspect of real estate transactions, including development, commercial acquisitions, residential purchases and sales, and title review and insurance. We handle everything from multi-million dollar real estate acquisitions to transfers of vacant parcels between family members.

Commercial Transactions

For more than 30 years, attorneys in the Firm have assisted clients in the acquisition and the purchase and sale of commercial real estate.  From the initial consideration of a purchase, through discussions, due diligence, letters of intent, zoning and environmental reviews and approvals, financing with banks or private syndication, through closing, there is not an aspect of commercial real estate in which the Firm has not been involved.  Broward County real estate lawyer E. Scott Golden has been a seminar speaker to real estate attorneys on the subject of commercial real estate contracts.

Residential Transactions

The Firm is also engaged in every aspect of residential transactions, from contract through closing.  We work with buyers, sellers, lenders, and real estate developers.  However, many of our transactions over the years have simply been the representation of families and individuals who want to purchase a house in which to reside or for a vacation home.  Somewhat unique to our real estate practice, we have experience in the area of probate transactions, in which we assist buyers and sellers when the property is controlled by an estate.  We are known for working with residential purchasers to ensure that they understand the transaction and what is expected of them.

Condominiums and Attached Residences

We perform all the same residential services with regard to condominiums, cooperatives, and other forms of homeowner and community housing.  In these cases, we pay special attention to the solvency or the financial condition of the condominium or homeowner association, the need to ensure that all assessments are paid at closing, and the requirement that the purchaser obtain proper authorization from the association for the purchase.

Real Estate Development

A particular interest of the Firm is real estate development, beginning with acquisition and the determination that the desired property will be able to meet the developer’s needs.  The due diligence required for these acquisitions includes zoning, growth management and environmental factors, as well as the possible need for variances, special exceptions, and special amenities, in order to meet site plan or platting requirements.


As discussed further in our Florida Construction Law practice section, we represent owners in every aspect of real estate construction. Because we have represented virtually every type of trade and contractor, we are familiar with the legal and practical aspects of construction, whether the project is a large development or the renovation of a single room in a house.  Our representation of persons on all sides of these issues provides a unique opportunity to protect our clients when we review and draft construction agreements.

Real Estate Litigation

The Firm engages in every aspect of real estate litigation.  We have represented both commercial and residential purchasers and sellers when real estate contracts have been disputed, and we represent developers and residential owners alike in disputes with contractors or over code or permit issues with municipal officials.

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